Kingston Chiropractic

Upholding the standard of care in Kingston for 30 years

Kingston  Chiropractic has an emphasis on safe, gentle and effective treatment of patients with automobile injuries, work related injuries, and sports injuries.  In addition to injury care, Kingston Chiropractic Center treats patients and their families in wellness care throughout the lifespan. The office utilizes a variety of patient specific gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques, physiotherapies, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and home exercise programs.


Offering restorative, non surgical resources to back pain and other chronic conditions, Kingston Chiropractic Center is a full service chiropractic practice under the passionate guidance of Drs. Christopher and Stephanie Estes.

Guided by the belief that the body holds an inherent healing power, Kingston Chiropractic's certified professionals focus on ameliorating musculoskeletal pain to eliminate existing conditions and prevent future ones.

Drs. Chris and Stephanie pair vanguards of advanced healthcare technologies with tried and trusted chiropractic techniques to provide alternative solutions to surgery and heavy pain medications.



Kingston Chiropractic Center has been treating a variety of pain causing conditions in the Kingston, TN area since 1991. Specializing in a holistic approach, our knowledgeable and caring staff will help you find pain relief.


 We believe your care is the top priority. Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain or as a result of a new injury, we will first provide immediate relief. We will then work with you to develop a plan for lasting relief.


The Conditions We Treat Include:


Neck pain

Disc degeneration

Arthritis pain

Chronic lower back pain

Chronic lower hip pain

Rotator cuff pain

Carpel tunnel syndrome

Chronic muscular weakness



Chronic fatigue





Injuries We Treat Include:


Sports injuries

Disc injuries


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